Chemical peeling


This widely used procedure is an excellent treatment to rejuvenate the skin, improve skin texture, and improve fine lines and wrinkles as well as reverse sun damage and reduce pigmentation. Peels are also excellent in treating acne, thin skin and sun-spots on hands.

More importantly, the peel stimulates the active, deeper layers of the skin, causing an increase in collagen and elastin production, which improves skin tone and elasticity, and also reduces and evens out pigmentation.

Chemical peeling procedures can vary from very light procedures to deeper peeling. Deeper peels may require a patient to be off work for a week. 

Light peels 

A light peel (eg TCA 7,5%- 10%, or low concentrations of Glycolic acid, Lactic acid or BHA) can be done as a lunchtime procedure by a therapist. Depending on which peeling agent is used your skin may then start peeling lightly within three to four days, but is often hardly noticeable.

Therapists are medically trained to perform these peels.

Peels can also be performed in combination with other treatments, like MDA, for excellent results. Therapists will prescribe the ideal treatment regime for your skin.

Deeper peels (medium-depth) and Progressive peels

Dr le Grange performs these peels. See below results



The deeper peels are done by Dr Nardus le Grange.
The lighter peels are done by our skin therapists, who have been trained by Dr le Grange.